Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Your TPD Claim

Jesse Landeros/ February 23, 2020/ Disability

There are many misconceptions as far as hiring a lawyer is concerned. The main one is that hiring a lawyer is both unnecessary and expensive. However, hiring TPD Lawyers Sydney will save you a lot of money and time. That is the case if you want to make a total permanent disability claim for serious illness or injury. The following are some of the reasons you should hire a lawyer for your TPD claim.

Get Legal Advice

The truth is that it is quite difficult to make this claim without proper legal representation or advice. You should note that different insurance companies and super funds providers have varying definitions of TPD. That also means there are other requirements. You may be required to prove that you cannot make a successful claim, and in another, you may find it difficult to prove your case.

Collecting and Submitting Evidence

There are other things involved in your TPD claim process. For instance, there is a need to look at how your employment is classified. Ideally, the way you are employed or the number of hours you work each week can affect your case. Considering your situation, you will have to prove that your injury or illness makes you incapable of performing different tasks in your daily life. For instance, you may be required to provide evidence that shows you can no longer bathe yourself, feed, do household chores, and use the toilet without assistance.

Determine Your Chance of Success

An experienced lawyer can easily and quickly assess your situation to determine whether you have a viable claim. If that is the case, the lawyer can help you identify the evidence required to support the case. Moreover, the lawyer will have the skills and experience required to carry out all the paperwork associated with making a TPD claim. This is quite critical because of the complexity and length of the TPD claim form.

Filling TPD Application Forms

It does not matter whether you are capable of filling the TPD application forms; there is a need to consult experienced lawyers first. That is because some insurance companies use the ability of the applicant to do as evidence that you do not have TPD.

Legal Representation

Your insurance company can reject your TPD claim because of pre-existing illnesses and non-disclosure of medical conditions. If an insurance company denies your claim because of existing injury or illnesses, a TPD lawyer can help you.

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