Reasons to Call Your Lawyer After an Accident

Shawn Lay/ May 7, 2022/ Law

If you are in a car accident, there are a lot of things going through your mind. One of the most important things to do after an accident is to call your lawyer. Many people don’t realize that they need to call their lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. There are many reasons why you should call your lawyer after an accident. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most important reasons why you should call your lawyer right away.

To Prove the Liabilities

In every personal injury case, one of the first things that need to be established is who is liable, or responsible for the injuries suffered by the victim. Insurance companies often try to deny liability or minimize their responsibility in an accident. An experienced car accident lawyer will know how to investigate your accident and gather evidence to prove who is liable for your injuries. Many people try to handle their own car accident cases without a lawyer and end up getting taken advantage of by the insurance companies.

To Deal With the Insurance Company

lawyerAfter an accident, you will most likely have to deal with the insurance company. If a lawyer does not represent you, you may end up giving them a recorded statement or signing away your rights without even realizing it. An experienced car accident lawyer will deal with the insurance companies for you and make sure that you do not say or do anything that could harm your case. Some insurance companies work faster if you have a lawyer representing you. They know that if you have a lawyer, you are serious about your case and are more likely to take them to court if they do not give you the compensation you deserve.

To Maximize Your Settlement

If you are injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation that you recover will depend on many factors, including the severity of your injuries and who was at fault for the accident. An experienced car accident lawyer will know how to investigate your case, gather evidence, and negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the maximum settlement possible. Settlements can often be much higher when you have a lawyer representing you.

After an accident, there are many reasons to call your lawyer. If you’ve been injured, if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, or if you think the accident was caused by negligence, it’s time to pick up the phone and call a personal injury lawyer. These are just a few of the situations in which legal representation can be vital to getting the compensation you deserve. We hope that you find this blog post helpful.…